API Systems offers specialized IT programs created with our clients in mind. Whether you are looking to see a new technology before you implement or you want to build the IT department of the future, API Systems has options in place to help you succeed.


At API Systems, client success is key. No one wants to take on a new technology, without seeing it in action first. With the API Tech-Lab, we have the newest technologies up and running first, so our clients can see them in action as they make IT decisions. With set-up available at either your company location or at API’s datacenter, the Tech-Lab offers our clients a convenient and dynamic experience to help them make the right IT choices for their business success.


The API Innovation Fund is all about focusing on innovation and developing new solutions. With modern IT constantly evolving, we understand that not everyone can be an expert in these emerging technologies. At API, we stay on top of technology trends and ahead of the curve by partnering with clients via our Innovation Fund. Designed for early-adopters, the API Innovation Fund is an incentive program for our clients looking to be on the cusp of new technology.

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