A huge benefit to any Cloud hosted solution is being able to provision on demand and pay as you go. Unlike traditional on-premises hosting, Cloud services are global and scalable, do not require up front CapEx cost, and additional capacity is delivered on demand. However, to avoid extraneous consumption of subscription based services, consumers must define the required running mode that best fits the technology.

With Amazon WorkSpaces there are two running modes that define monthly cost. Each of them has their place and with the tools provided by API and AWS, we can ensure you only pay for what you consume. Let’s dive a bit deeper into these running modes and the tools available to monitor consumption and associated costs.

Option 1:

AlwaysOn: Use when paying a fixed monthly fee for unlimited usage of your WorkSpaces. This mode is best for users who use their WorkSpace full time as their primary desktop.

Most cost effective option when total monthly consumption is approximately* 80 hours/month or greater.

Since the WorkSpace is AlwaysOn, this running mode provides the fastest logon and connection time. Users quickly connect with no additional wait time and begin exactly where they disconnected.

Option 2:

AutoStop: Use when paying for your WorkSpaces by the hour. With this mode, your WorkSpaces stop after a specified period of inactivity and the state of apps and data is saved. To set the automatic stop time, use AutoStop Time (hours).

When possible, the state of the desktop is saved to the root volume of the WorkSpace. The WorkSpace resumes when a user logs in, and all open documents and running programs return to their saved state.

Most cost effective option when total monthly consumption is approximately* less than 80 hours/month.

Since the WorkSpace AutoStops, the user must wait for the WorkSpace to become available prior to logon and connection. Typical wait time is a minimum of 5 minutes.

How do you know which mode is right for your environment, which mode do you pick first, and can you change it? All great questions.

During PoC/Pilot API recommends setting all WorkSpaces to AlwaysOn. Consumption reports are collected and analyzed to determine best fit running mode per user. In addition, API has created custom automation to analyze production use patterns and can proactively switch the running mode to save the customer money.

API also recommends implementing the AWS Cost Optimizer for Amazon WorkSpaces. Cost Optimizer is a solution that analyzes all of your WorkSpace usage data and automatically converts the WorkSpace to the most cost-effective billing option (hourly or monthly) depending on the user’s individual usage.

For more information about Amazon WorkSpaces pricing, running modes and the Cost Optimizer, please see the links below:

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If you would like more information about Amazon WorkSpaces or to find out how API can you save money on your DaaS costs, email us at sales@apisystemsinc.com.

*Actual pricing will vary based on Operating System, Bundle Type, and Application Packages chosen. Consumption and associated costs can only be determined via collection and analysis.

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