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Bring Your Own License (BYOL) has been a stand-out feature of Amazon WorkSpaces, allowing organizations to utilize their Microsoft Volume License of Windows 7 and 10 and extending it into the cloud. Compared to a Windows Server OS deployment of Amazon WorkSpaces, with BYOL your organizations gets:

Full Windows Desktop OS,

Software compatibility identical to on-premises deployment,

Dedicated hardware for your organization, and

Saving $4 / month for each BYOL Amazon WorkSpace.

Starting today, you will notice a new option in the Amazon WorkSpaces Console that accelerates the BYOL process. In ‘Account Settings’, Amazon WorkSpaces advertises how to get started by opening a support case. Eligibility for BYOL includes verifying your current Microsoft license agreement and a minimum commitment of 200 WorkSpaces per month.

Read the full Amazon WorkSpaces “What’s New?” post here.

Customers are often surprised to find how much more efficient their services becomes with BYOL. In the past, we have encountered software that just will not install on a Server OS due to licensing or some specific Desktop component. It can be frustrating because while the code base between Server and Desktop *should support it*, the required software will not install with no support from the vendor.

Inherent to Microsoft Licensing requirements, BYOL Amazon WorkSpaces are launched on dedicated hardware. Customers are always excited to know that their deployment will be on hardware dedicated to them, for obvious reasons.

How do you know if BYOL is right for your organization? We’ve got you covered with more in-depth information regarding Amazon’s Server OS vs. your organization’s Desktop OS option here.

BYOL can be a great way for organizations to save money, but are there other ways to save money with Amazon WorkSpaces? We’ve got you covered there as well, with more information on optimizing the Running Mode based on user activity here.

Need more information about Amazon WorkSpaces or DaaS in general, contact us at sales@apisystemsinc.com, we can answer all of your questions and get you started on a PoC.

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