Red Paladin – Case Study

Red Paladin is an IT services company, focused on the providing clients infrastructure and cloud services.  Their offerings span the entire life cycle of infra / cloud projects, ranging from discovery to planning / design, implementation, migration, and managed services.

Red Paladin had numerous clients, across the SMB sector, that they provided virtul desktops to, via their own VDI / DaaS type offering.  They had all the infrastructure for these virtual desktops spread across 2 data centers, and had a small team managing the day to day operations.  As the number of virtual desktops increased, along with some of them needing high tech specifications and capacity, the associated costs of hardware, licensing, and support / maintenance also increased.  Red Paladin needed a way to reduce costs, the operations burden, and still provide a quality service offering to their clients.

API Systems proposed Amazon WorkSpaces as their end to end solution. API conducted a 2 day workshop with the customer that consisted of a Layered Architecture for Desktop and Applications Delivery Assessment.  Applications were inventoried and API found that the majority of the applications were online and SAS based.  API Created custom code to migrate users and perform post installation configurations.  API’s deployment tool, Conn3ctOps was used to deploy and managed users.

Results exceeded the expectations of Red Paladin.  With the migration to Amazon WorkSpaces (a cloud based virtual desktop offering from AWS), Red Paladin was able to drastically increase their TCO (total cost of ownership), while enhancing the user experience for their clients.  End result was over a 40% reduction in costs, and the ability for them to re-purpose the VDI hardware to another storage based solution they are now selling to their clients.  All in all, they experienced over a 70% cost turn-around, and did not miss a step, in terms of delivering quality and performance to their end users.  Red Paladin also implemented API Conn3ct (BETA), which automated the management of the entire WorkSpaces population, via a “single pane of glass” approach.

API Services Provided : Discovery, Assessment, Design and Engineering, DaaS Feasibility Analysis, Deployment / Implementation, Operational Support

Number of Applications Deployed in Solution : 30 Applications

AWS Technologies Utilized in Solution : AWS WorkSpaces, API Conn3ctOps  |  Lambda, S3, DynamoDB, CloudFormation, Cloud Watch, Cloud Trail, SNS. API WorkSpaces APIs