API specializes in End-User Computing (EUC) Solutions. From physical PCs to VDI and DaaS and the entire supporting ecosystem, we have it covered.

Our premier DaaS offering is Amazon WorkSpaces. We perform PoCs, enterprise integration and we are a global 24/7 Amazon WorkSpaces Operations Manged Service Provider. When it comes to Amazon WorkSpaces, API does it all!

We love the questions we get from folks interested in Amazon WorkSpaces. Their questions run the gamut of enterprise technology.

During these Q/A sessions, I often refer to an AWS Summit Session I attended in NYC. It was delivered by Nathan Thomas (AWS) and a senior member of Johnson & Johnson’s EUC team.

Both Nathan and the J&J presenter did an incredible job, but it was the J&J portion that really stuck with me.

The J&J presenter covered:

Use Cases and Requirements

The reasons J&J chose Amazon WorkSpaces

How J&J integrated Amazon WorkSpaces into their enterprise

Their Amazon WorkSpaces operation model

Lastly, Q/A, my favorite part, the audience asked relevant questions to Amazon WorkSpaces and the presenter delivered detailed answers.

If you have questions about Amazon WorkSpaces, I highly recommend you view this presentation (link below). Although it is a few years old, the content and message is still very relevant.

Deploying Amazon WorkSpaces at Scale Presentation

If you would like to schedule an Amazon WorkSpaces demo or perhaps run a PoC in your environment, contact sales@apisystemsinc.com.

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