Staff AugMost recruiting firms tend to treat their craft like a lottery. For them, it’s a numbers game. Send 100 resumes and get 100 chances to place a candidate. Their philosophy seems to be the same as that of the New York Lottery: “Hey, you never know.”

As a client of these recruiting agencies, your odds of finding the right candidate are about the same as winning the lottery.

API Systems has developed a proprietary recruiting approach that is grounded in quality, not quantity.

We start off by developing the job requirements with our clients. Once we understand the requirement, we develop a talent pipeline which takes many variables into consideration. These include: skill set, business vertical, personality, geography and workplace diversity & inclusiveness.

Using a multi-step vetting process allows us filter out less compatible candidates based on client needs and goals, while determining the best match in terms of culture, integrity, skills and passion. API’s goal is to ensure mutual satisfaction for the client and candidate; when this occurs, the relationship is very productive.

We look for the telltale attributes that lead to success that most recruiting firms won’t even consider, such as: Can the candidate interact well with business and technical stakeholders? Can the candidate understand the client’s big picture vision? Does the candidate have job stability, staying power? And, perhaps most importantly, do they have a real passion for the work?

It’s our in-depth understanding of culture and relationships that gives API Systems a real edge over the competition. Contact us today and let’s start finding the best candidates to fill your open positions.

This blog was written by API Systems Vice President Steve Colavito. Steve has been a recognized leader in the greater New York City recruiting field for almost two decades.

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