API Systems is pleased to announce that Roger Gurnani has been appointed to lead our inaugural Strategic Advisory Board.

Roger has over 30 years of experience as a Technology industry leader. He was a founding officer of Verizon Wireless, and served as CIO and CTO for both the wireless and wireline companies of Verizon. Roger was instrumental in deploying 4G and 5G technologies at Verizon, and played a key role in enhancing the telecom industry. Prior to this, he served as Vice President and CIO of Bell Atlantic, which later merged with Vodafone AirTouch, and GTE to become Verizon.

API has been a Verizon business partner for 25 years, and we have worked diligently on many Verizon initiatives. Roger’s vast knowledge and experience in the global, enterprise IT space will enable API to stay at the forefront of emerging technologies, and better serve our customers. Roger will work closely with API’s Founder and CEO Tom Boller, to develop new strategies and drive new business.”

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