API Systems offers Migration Services for both Cloud and Infrastructure

With a history of strong technical execution, we work with our clients to develop a comprehensive strategy that addresses all of your needs. Migrating your IT to the cloud or to a new IT infrastructure starts with the right strategy, and success is achieved only through detailed scope of planning and execution.


We carefully assess our client’s IT infrastructure, needs, and usage to best determine which migration strategy is best for their business. Our expertise within cloud and infrastructure make us the right choice for your migration journey.

Whether you are migrating to the cloud or migrating your infrastructure, let API Systems design your migration strategy to reduce capital expenses, minimize support and administrative costs, and retain the performance, security, and reliability requirements your business demands. Enhance efficiency, reduce risk, and increase your competitive advantage with Migration Services by API Systems.


API Systems’ extensive experience with cloud-based systems, VDI deployments and migrations is leveraged to bridge the gaps between your IT department and your cloud services provider.


We know that user acceptance is key to a successful migration and our extensive experience with end user computing gives us the tools to deliver a UX geared for productivity.

Bespoke Quality

Combine our boutique service provider qualities with our leadership and deep team experience and you get the personalized migration services you and your business deserve.


Available as a standalone statement of work project or as part of a Managed Services package built from our extensive menu of IT services at a discounted monthly rate.



Transitioning your IT operations to a cloud environment is no easy decision, that’s why with API Systems you can trust that your data will be safely moved to the cloud seamlessly. Cloud migration means greater mobility, efficiency, and flexibility for your end-users.

We carefully analyze, plan, and execute your cloud migration strategy to ensure the cloud solution’s compatibility with your organizational requirements. Whether you’re moving to a public or private cloud, API Systems has got your covered.


As operating systems and applications evolve and provide new functions and features that address specific computing and end-user needs, it’s in your company’s best interest to migrate from older or proprietary systems. Infrastructure migration also results in improved interoperability, reliability and manageability for your IT system.

At API Systems, our goal is to efficiently, and with minimal disruption to your end-users’ productivity, conduct IT infrastructure migration for companies of all sizes while increasing their ROI.

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