a customer-centric aprroach to Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Developed over the last several years and deployed since 2010, DaaS by API has been offered to clients longer than either Amazon or Microsoft have offered DaaS. Unlike the big offerings which are really take-it- or-leave-it propositions, DaaS by API is centered on the customer.

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We are broker agnostic and UX focused

Our installation process is clear and easy to understand; there are no 30-page BOMs or complex configurators in the API process. Our experience with 30,000 global users has taught us the importance of tailoring the technology to the needs of the customer.

BYOD, M&A, WAN deployments and enhanced printing are all a part of DaaS by API’s capabilities. In addition to the tailored technology fit, we meet your headcount requirements with predictable scale, performance, efficiency and high availability. We offer per-user consumption based pricing that allows the customer to control costs and pay as you grow.

Finally, we offer support that is dedicated to solving problems, not just closing tickets. You’ll get a lead architect experienced in DaaS working with the full architecture and engineering teams along with the expertise of CTO Mark Knouse. It’s our experience and personalized approach that make the difference.

API Systems works with platforms such as Citrix®, VMware®, and Hyper-V to get you the best solutions for your business.


Six years in development, six years of deployment, and more than 30,000 global users currently serviced by API’s DaaS solution.


Turnkey physical installation on- or off-premises with options for palletized rack or on-premises rack solutions, fully documented from day 1.


DaaS by API has an uncomplicated, clear and understandable build sheet with IQs and OQs based on best practices and common sense.


DaaS by API is not a one size fits all solution. We work with hypervisors and infrastructure from major vendors, but flexible enough for KVM.

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