WE enable today’s most competitive businesses to get the most qualified staff to meet project objectives and to satisfy specific business goals

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Staff augmentation is an adaptable talent acquisition strategy that enables today’s most innovative and competitive businesses to build award winning teams and also obtain highly qualified staff members in order to meet evolving business goals or satisfy specific project objectives. We have put thousands to work over the years and truly enjoy the role we play in this people-connecting-business.

Smart, capable technology and digital managers rely on Workforce Solutions by API because we find, hire, and manage the talent for them while ensuring the right long term match is made. We value quality over quantity and believe in understanding our talents’ career goals and clients’ long term business objectives to ensure the right cultural and skill alignment is made. Our thorough screening process and subject matter expertise means you get to see the technically qualified candidates needed to complete your projects on time.

As an employee owned company, API values not only the skills employees contribute but also their work/life balance. We offer all talent a full suite of benefits to ensure their well-being and the opportunity to enjoy downtime with paid time off.

API’s five-step process guarantees positive ROI


At API, we’ve developed custom and efficient strategies that allow us to source candidates worldwide. Not only do we have direct access to all the major job boards for reaching out to active job seekers, but we also target and engage passive candidates and specialists to ensure our clients obtain the best resources suited to their business needs.


As a technology company, we’re able to utilize our technologists to our full benefit. We ensure our candidates possess the necessary skills for success via an internal technical qualification interview. We also have access to third party testing providers or can devise and conduct other in house evaluations. This means you don’t waste time interviewing technically unqualified candidates.


The right skill set grabs our attention, but at API, we also focus on making the right cultural fit. Being a premier quality staffing firm, we strongly believe that candidates who fit our clients’ corporate culture and values help goals to be met faster. We understand that not only do organizational values vary, but so do leadership styles, and that is why we keep our priority on finding the right “fit” to keep your team productive.


We’re in the business of delivering quality over quantity. We’ll never waste your time with overwhelming piles of resumes or submit candidates based simply on a few keyword matches. Instead, we take the time to select only the best of the best candidates your review.

5. Manage

Our staffing process includes regular follow-ups with our clients and talent because our job isn’t done when the position is filled. As a full-service technology and digital staffing firm, our goal is to ensure retention and renewal rates are as high and competitive as possible. We strive for a positive client experience and achieve this through dedication and customized placement services.


API’s guarantee is based upon the premise of being your trusted go-to staffing provider. Our flexible staffing solutions ensure the necessary upgrades and augmentations your workforce requires as your business goals both change and evolve. A thorough screening process coupled with subject matter expertise means you get to see the technically qualified candidates needed to complete your projects on time. Our human approach means you’ll see candidates who match your corporate culture and team values. This equates to a workforce of increased engagement and technical efficiency, accelerating your team’s productivity and delivering a strong ROI.

  • Technical Expertise:

    Most of our recruiting and account management staff possess real life, hands on technical experience in addition to being great match makers. And as a technology company ourselves, we are tapped into and actively participate within our local tech and digital communities. We also offer the unique ability to conduct internal technical interviews utilising our in house experts before you ever see a resume.

  • Human Approach:

    We know that people are the heartbeat of every company. We believe in understanding our talents’ career goals and clients’ long-term business objectives to ensure the right cultural and skill match is made for the long haul. Candidates who fit your corporate culture and values help your goals to be met faster.

  • Personalised Staffing Support:

    Sometimes clients need help drafting the right job description or deciding upon the best staffing method to meet their needs. We will work with you to find a solution you’re comfortable with, and with our history and understanding of the candidate marketplace, we can help you navigate the hiring process with ease.

  • Quality Control:

    Once the match is made, the job is not done. We’ll keep in touch with you and the employee in order to mitigate any potential hurdles, offer support, and guarantee satisfaction.

  • Valued Employees:

    API offers all employees a full suite of benefits including medical, dental, vision, paid time off, and ongoing training opportunities.

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