Put Our Experts to Work Without the Risk

Contracting is a time-honored method of getting your work done while keeping overhead down and minimizing risk, but hurdles remain in almost every hiring environment. With Statement of Work (SOW) contracts, however, you eliminate the risk of incorrect categorization, while ensuring no deadlines are missed, paying a fixed price when the project is done. Get the knowledge you need, when you need it, at a price too good to resist.



Leverage fixed price SOW solutions to contain costs by tying them to a technical service rather than a human capital resource.

Niche Knowledge

Leverage niche knowledge and expertise for a specific timeframe and a specific project and only pay for projects completed.


Address contingent labor workforce tenure concerns with skilled, salaried, full-time employees from API who are passionate about technical service delivery, not counting billable hours.

Trained to Spec

API Systems trains to your specification to ensure your SOW contractors are familiar with your tools and environment before they start work.

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